Core: Request-Reply



Issues: Unresolved

  • Bug MULE-6104 request-reply router, collection-splitter and collection-aggregator triplet bug
  • Bug MULE-6238 When using request-reply, the reply is never received using vm
  • Bug MULE-6299 request-reply without outbound runs without receiving a message

Issues: Updated recently

  • Patch submission MULE-6572 18/Mar/14 AsyncReplyMonitoringThread and ExpiringGroupMonitoringThread should have configurable wait() interval to reduce overhead
  • Bug MULE-7262 29/Jan/14 request-reply throws ObjectAlreadyExistsException unless MULE_REPLYTO
  • Bug MULE-6391 14/Mar/13 JMSReplyToHandler doesn't propagate MuleSession

Versions: Unreleased