Tech. Debt



Backlog of technical debt items. (Refactor, review, tests etc.)

Issues: Unresolved

  • Improvement MULE-4897 Remove "returnResponse" method from AbstractMethodDispatcer
  • Improvement MULE-5036 SpringRegistry lookups cause all prototype beans to be created
  • Task MULE-5348 Document the hot deployment monitor changes

Issues: Updated recently

  • Task MULE-4466 06/Dec/13 Review FTP and File transports to unify moveTo, autoDelete (and possibly workDir) behaviour
  • Improvement MULE-5951 02/Dec/13 It takes months before a patch it's even reviewed. Move to GIT or prioritize patch submissions.
  • Improvement MULE-967 28/Jun/13 Create and enforce simple, yet correct UMOMessage synchronization rules