Mule Spring Proxies

Mule Spring Proxies



Mule Spring Proxies is a springified alternative to MuleClient. This approach makes it possible configure and inject a Mule client using Spring. The module might be a part of the SMuT Stack (the combination of Spring, Mule and Tomcat that many people use as a lightweight app server). Main goal of the module is to simplify interaction between services outside Mule and Mule services(UMO:s) using Spring configuration.

Issues: Unresolved

  • Task SPRINGPROXIES-1 Implement skeleton
  • Task SPRINGPROXIES-2 Add Schema and Namespacehandler
  • Task SPRINGPROXIES-3 Implement support for other transports

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  • Bug SPRINGPROXIES-5 03/Mar/10 Error in SpringRegistry: "Scope 'step' is not active for the current thread"
  • Task SPRINGPROXIES-4 25/Oct/07 Look at adding support for asynchronous calls
  • Task SPRINGPROXIES-3 25/Oct/07 Implement support for other transports

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