WSRF Transport

WSRF Transport



The aim of this project is to extend WSDL SOAP mule transport in order to integrate Grid Globus Service (GT4 Globus Alliance org) on Mule.

Issues: Unresolved

  • Improvement WSRF-6 AOP: Runtime Advice discovery
  • Task WSRF-7 Security : GSIAdvice
  • Task WSRF-18 WSSecurity Dependecies

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  • Task WSRF-21 22/Jul/08 Implement get and set resource properties
  • Improvement WSRF-22 22/Jul/08 Manage input create resource request param
  • Bug WSRF-24 22/Jul/08 standalone mode

Versions: Unreleased

  • Unreleased 1.1 Release Date: 18/Nov/10
  • Unreleased 2.0 Release Date: 31/Dec/10

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