Uses of Interface

Packages that use MessageService

Uses of MessageService in org.mule.module.bpm

Classes in org.mule.module.bpm that implement MessageService
 class Process
          A business process definition.
 class Rules
          Business rules.

Methods in org.mule.module.bpm with parameters of type MessageService
 void RulesEngine.setMessageService(MessageService messageService)
          Inject a callback so that the Rules Engine may generate messages within Mule.
 void BPMS.setMessageService(MessageService msgService)
          MessageService contains a callback method used to generate Mule messages from your process.

Uses of MessageService in org.mule.module.drools

Methods in org.mule.module.drools with parameters of type MessageService
 void Drools.setMessageService(MessageService messageService)

Uses of MessageService in org.mule.module.jbpm

Classes in org.mule.module.jbpm that implement MessageService
 class MuleMessageService
          Proxy for the message-generation service provided by Mule.

Methods in org.mule.module.jbpm with parameters of type MessageService
 void MuleMessageService.setMessageService(MessageService messageService)
 void Jbpm.setMessageService(MessageService msgService)

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