Class GoodCitizenClassLoader

  extended by java.lang.ClassLoader
      extended by
          extended by
              extended by org.mule.module.launcher.GoodCitizenClassLoader
Direct Known Subclasses:
FineGrainedControlClassLoader, MuleSharedDomainClassLoader

public class GoodCitizenClassLoader
extends URLClassLoader

Fixes major classloader woes by:

  1. Providing a close() method to release any connections to resources.
  2. Disabling caching of jar resources fix e.g. java.util.ResourceBundle 'tagging' the app and preventing it from being undeployed correctly (no leaving locked jars behind).

Nested Class Summary
protected static class GoodCitizenClassLoader.NonCachingURLStreamHandlerFactory
Constructor Summary
GoodCitizenClassLoader(URL[] urls, ClassLoader parent)
Method Summary
 void close()
          A workaround for
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Constructor Detail


public GoodCitizenClassLoader(URL[] urls,
                              ClassLoader parent)
Method Detail


public void close()
A workaround for

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